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Tick by tick Realtime Data for Equity Cash, Equity Future, Nifty Options, Commodity, Agri-Commodity & Currency with 6 month Backfill in 5 min open high low close format.

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One Click Setup in Amibroker. Add Symbols in Data App do backfill or press restart button and data will start updating in Amibroker.

180 day backfill in 5 min format for downloading past backfill in amibroker. Data is stored locally in Amibroker format.

Intraday High Speed Real time Data for cash, future, options, commodity, agri-commodity and currency 

Pricing table


Plan 50


Plan 150


500 Rs
per Month
750 Rs
per Month
1000 Rs
per Month

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Active Symbol




Past Backfill

180 Days

180 Days

180 Days

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3 Month

Rs 1400

Rs 2100

Rs 2800

6 month

Rs 2700

Rs 4000

Rs 5500

1 Year

Rs 5000

Rs 7200

Rs 9500

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Future and Option

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